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Military Bible Challenge

Welcome to the Military Bible Challenge,

where doing hard things in preparation leads

to extraordinary capabilities. Like the training

you receive when entering the Military, you

have arrived at a junction that will change

your life and transform you in every possible

way...if you are willing to commit to the


Soldiers Marching in a Row
United States Army Rangers
  • Learn the fundamental stories of the Bible through engaging questions
  • Develop a habit of making Bible reading and prayer a priority in your life
  • Share your experiences with others and develop a sense of community



Content based on our flagship Military Bible Challenge program used by over 250,000 people a year.


Overview of the whole Bible with a focus on daily prayers, readings, and interactions.


Users can read, listen, watch, and record their own feedback through text, image, or audio.

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Rev. Jawang (John) Koo

1LT (US Army Reserve)

Rev. Dr. Paul V. McCullough III

LTC (US Army Retired)

(267) 896-7855

(856) 404-8090

Military service can create physical, mental, and spiritual injuries. Scripture engagement has proven to rebuild and restore resiliency, heal trauma, and offer hope. To leverage this power, we developed a comprehensive portfolio of six Scripture-rich, interactive programs to address Military struggles like trauma, hopelessness, and fear.